• Naureen Frierdich; Term expires: 2027

  • Adam Hemken; Term expires: 2025

  • Andrea Khoury; Term expires: 2025

  • Kelly Meurer; Term expires: 2027

  • Greg Meyer (President); Term expires: 2025

  • Lisa Schumacher (Vice President); Term expires: 2027

  • Tyson Search (Secretary); Term expires: 2025

Contact the Board of Education

We welcome your comments and questions for members of the Board of Education. You may contact the entire Board of Education by emailing them at

Please note that any email sent to the Board of Education will also be received by the Superintendent, who is responsible for responding to email inquiries.

The Board of Education acts as an entity, not as individuals, and the position or opinion of the Board of Education can only take place by action of the entire Board. Therefore, emails sent to the Board of Education will receive a response from district office personnel on behalf of the District and the Board of Education.